What if the Weight is not Reduced?

Many people complain that their weight does not get reduced in spite of their sincere efforts. Some others say that their weight-reduction stops beyond a certain limit. During the dietary regimen, a person undergoes many experiences. The rate of reduction varies from time to time.

Fat persons display great enthusiasm, care, and anxiety in the beginning; but gradually their will-power starts weakening, the enthusiasm begins to wane and dieting is relaxed.

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It is an established truth that most of the fat persons tend to overeat. During the dietary regimen, their appetite causes uneasiness.

Sometimes, psychological factors are responsible for such an appetite. Some psychological problem impairs the process of weight-loss. In such cases, there is no weight loss unless that problem is solved with understanding.

If the rate of weight-loss is too slow, do the following:

(1) Enforce the dietary regimen strictly. The uneasiness caused by dieting is always short-lived. In a few days, the body gets used to the low intake of food. If the dietary regimen is violated or interrupted frequently, the body cannot get adjusted to the low intake of food; or at least it takes a very long to get used to it.

(2) For three days, note down on a piece of paper all the food items that you happen to eat. Make a total of the calorie value of all the food items consumed by you during the three days. You will be surprised when you see the number of calories consumed by you. Experiments have shown that many times fat person derived inspiration from such a procedure of counting the calories.

(3) Reduce the intake of sugar, salt & water. Take 2 or 3 times during the day, half a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon added to it.

(4) If you continue such efforts with patience & perseverance, there is no doubt in the fact that you will be able to reduce your weight.

*short-term fasting undertaken for reducing the weight has proved to be undesirable & ineffective. During the fasting regimen, it is not only the fat that is destroyed, but some useful cells & organs of the body are also affected.


A girl was slightly over-weighted, she tried several times to reduce her weight but she had no success.

On making a detailed inquiry, she revealed that in the meals she took spicy vegetable with a couple of chapattis. Thinking that one can eat fruits and vegetables as much as one wishes, she used to eat 3 to 4 bananas every day. Besides this, she used to consume 3 to 4 bottles of soft drinks and a glass of fruit juice also during the course of a day.

She was fond of junk food like pizza, noodles etc. Another significant fact in her case was the lack of physical activity; she spent as many as 10 to 11 hours in sleeping.                                                                `

So from the above example, one can understand how important is for one to know the hooks and crooks of dieting, calorie intake, exercise and of course health.

 Lack of adequate physical activity is one of the major causes of obesity. Every one of us can undertake the exercise in any convenient form. Do not fuss over the fact that the exercise will increase your hunger. In some cases, dieting alone fails t remove the excess fat; so it should be accompanied by the exercise. This combination produces the desired result.



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