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In some cases, dieting alone fails to remove the excess fat; so it should be accompanied by the exercise. This combination produces the desired result. Exercises yield a definite psychological gain; increase fitness and muscle tone and inspire self-confidence. In modern times, the factor of psychological health is accepted as an integral part of the concept of total health. It is an added advantage that improvement in the mental health helps in maintaining the correct weight afterward also. Do not fuss over the fact that the exercise will increase your hunger.

The right time for exercises:

Researchers have proved that the exercises yield better results if they are divided into 2 or 3 sessions at different times during the day. The first session should be scheduled half an hour before the morning breakfast. It causes mild ketosis in the body and commences the consumption of the accumulated fat. Other sessions should begin after about 3 to 3 ½ hours following the meals. They burn away the extra food before it is transformed into fat.

These are recommended timings for the exercises. However, they can be done profitably at any convenient hour of the day.

Some suggestions for exercises:

  1. Do not be over enthusiastic with the exercises. In the beginning, do only light exercises. Their duration and intensity should be gradually increased keeping pace with the improvement in your health, vitality, and efficiency of various organs.
  1. In the beginning do not undertake those heavy exercises that could exhaust you, make you breathless or perspire profusely. The very purpose of exercises is defeated if they tire you out so much that you have to take rest for the rest of the day.
  1. Regularity is very essential in the exercise. The efficacy of the exercise depends on the regularity. Do not miss a single day in the exercise program. Never succumb to your instinct to turn lazy and give up the exercise.

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  1. The exercise of walking or jogging is generally convenient to everyone. Walking long distance early in the morning and inhaling fresh air makes the body, mind, and soul healthy and pure. Deep breathing is essential during long walks.
  1. The exercise of skipping is very good for girls.
  1. Children and youngsters can get enough exercise by participating in different games and sports.
  1. Those who are very busy and can’t spare any time for the exercise can also increase their energy expenditure either by standing for longer durations during the day or by cutting down their usual hours of sleep. It has been noticed that when fat persons are sleeping or relaxing, their basal metabolic rate is reduced to almost nil.

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The exercises improve the muscle tone and remove wrinkles and flabbiness of skin. Sometimes psychological disorders are also associated with obesity. The exercises improve the mental health. It has been noticed that those persons who at one time suffered restlessness or anxiety become tranquil and mentally balanced after starting regular exercises. There is also a positive improvement in the self-respect and will-power of some young lads who did exercises regularly.


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