Perfect Drinks To Beat the Heat This Summers

There are many summer drinks you can have this summer apart from going to beverages and alcohol. But having the fresh and rejoicing natural drinks are more beneficial for your health. These drinks, not only aids to your mood but also protects us from sun. Few common recipes you can try this summer:

Lemonade: Just when you are leading and enjoying your time you need something to keep you refreshed. And this tops our list because it is the oldest recipe for the summers, the vintage lemonade.


Ice Coffee: Condensed milk with ice and added flavor of coffee not only gives you feeling of coolness but also completes your calorie intake.

ICE Coffee

Peach- Ginger Ice tea: One part of Peach halves added to 1/2 cup of juice added with little sugar with other part of grated ginger added to ice and common breakfast tea, keeps you refreshed with taste and helps you to be active under the sun.


Concord cow: Vanilla ice cream added to grape juice and Lemon soda, is the perfect blend of a beautiful drink for the summer.

Concord cow

Guava Green tea: Equal parts of guava juice to green tea over ice, garnished with lemon and your drink is ready. One of the quickies for the summer.


Fruity Protein shake: 1 cup of frozen fruits, 2 ounce of tofu, 1/4 cup fruit juice, 1/2 cup soy milk and little honey.

Fruity Protein shake

Ginger juice: 1 cup of grated ginger in 8 cups of water, leave it overnight and then mix it with 1 cup of sugar. Leave it to chill and drink it by adding dash of amends in it.

Ginger juice

My summer favorite: Protein Ice-Cream Drink: Simple as that add ice cream mostly vanilla or chocolate to your Protein powder with milk in it, Leave it to freeze for half-and-hour and consume it chilled.
Protien ice cream shake

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