Misconceptions Regarding WEIGHT LOSS & DIET

Clarifying Misconceptions regarding DIET & WEIGHT LOSS!!

When any person starts to follow a diet Programme, there are many false notions in his/her mind which needs to be clarified so that such notions doesn’t became obstacles in his/her DIET PROGRAMME. One has to be prepared to take-up any DIET PROGRAMME to get desired results.

The same are as follows:


Dieting undertaken for shedding excess fat is a matter of sensible planning. It is not senseless starvation. Dieting is never a cause of death. There are many incidents on record where under experts’ guidance; people have successfully fasted, subsisting only on water for 2 to 3 months. If this is true, how is it possible that a person who eats a balanced diet would die? Yes, a person may die due to diseases like diabetes, heart attack, cancer,etc. which are associated with obesity. But dieting cannot be blamed for death.

Obesity is the result of overeating & imbalanced diet. Dieting is a constructive step in the direction of rectifying these flaws.

Misconceptions regarding WEIGHT LOSS & DIET 2


There is a partial truth in the statement that luster vanishes from a person’s face following the reduction in fat. In some cases, it does happen, but this type of paleness is only temporary & the facial complexion regains its luster & glow very soon. Applications of cream and oil massage expedite this recovery. So it is not necessary to labour under an illusion or anxiety that paleness on face will continue for a long time.


Similarly, there is only partial truth in the statement that after shedding the excess fat, the skin becomes flabby. Even if it occurs in a few cases, it is only a temporary development. Flexibility is one of the most important qualities of the skin. The fact that skin does not acquire flabbiness even after pregnancy, dropsy or after the disappearance of oedema (swelling) proves this point.


It is ridiculous to argue that as a result of dieting the stomach shrinks in size. Stomach is made of highly elastic tissues. The false notion that if the diet intake is reduced, the stomach will get contracted, it is nothing but a grave self-deception.


Dieting never makes the digestive system weak. It is overeating and not dieting which is responsible for digestive disorders.

DOES dieting MAKE a person ill-tempered?

There in hardly any substance in the argument that dieting makes a person ill-tempered. To say that a person who is trying to reduce his weight feels tired or depressed, it is nothing but a misrepresentation of the fact. In reality, it is the fat person who is always a target of fun and derision.

It is likely that in the initial stages of a person’s weight reduction programme, his/her inner conflict comes out on the surface. But with gradual reduction in fat, the very cause of fun & derision begins to disappear. People then start looking at the person with respect when they learn that he/she has achieved the weight-loss through serious and hard attempts.

DOES dieting MAKE a person ill-tempered

It is our common experience that after a heavy meal we feel lazy & sleepy. So, in the initial phase of the dieting if a person feels more energetic and less sleepy, there is no cause for concern.


1.) People who start to diet starve themselves by not eating but one doesn’t needs to starve. One has to undertake SMART EATING i.e. food intake which contain less calorie. Keep items like carrots & cucumber always at hand. Such items do not contain high-calorific value & yet they give a person the feeling of satiety. To satisfy the hunger, one can also take a glass of water with a few drops of lemon added to it.

If you continue such efforts with patience & perseverance, there is no doubt in the fact that you will be able to reduce your weight.


*short-term fasting undertaken for reducing the weight has proved to be undesirable & ineffective. During the fasting-regimen, it is not only the fat that is destroyed, but some useful cells &organs of the body are also affected.

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