Let’s talk about The Ultimate – Protein Bars

How much are you actually getting in comparison to the two categories above? It may sound obvious, but in general a good protein bar will be giving you around 20g of protein. If you’re not getting that, you should at least see proportional decreases in the other categories. If not, you’re really only getting carbs and fats, and a smattering of protein.

The best protein bars consist of low carbs, low sugar and high protein. They are basically stomach fillers and helps us to overcome starvation period. They are easy to carry and power packed with desirable flavors, easy to digest. They are highly used by athletes and body builders.


Whey is one of the key ingredients for the protein bars, other ingredients are eggs, albumin or casein. Thus we have to look for the little tag and should see whether it’s a vegan or non-vegan bar before buying it. Vegan protein bar only consist of brown rice, hemp, soy and other sources. Fruits are also added to these bars to increase the nutritional values. It is a perfect calorie keeper.

Since, these bars are very costly thus one can also go for homemade protein bars.

  1. Add peanut butter, almond, milk, oats and rice powder. Mix them up. You can also add your favorite protein powder to it. Freeze them after a 2 minute bake and your protein bar is ready.


  2. Add dry fruit to protein with little soy and maple syrup. Layer them with chocolate and nuts. And your protein bar is made.

    dry fruit to protein with little soy and maple syrup. Layer them with chocolate and nuts. And your protein bar is made.

  3. Add dates, oat flower, cocoa, coconut powder, almonds, protein powder and bake them a minute. Let it freeze and your Protein bar is ready to eat.


These are the simplest ways to have protein intake in very interesting ways.

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