Let’s See Gains of Removing Obesity

Un-imaginable gains achieved after reducing excess fat.

Removal of Obesity elevates a person’s social position. Chances of developing grave diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes etc. are reduced. Shedding of excess fat generates self-confidence and helps a person in acquiring mental peace. Planned dieting is 100% safe and has no side-effects. The gains can be divided into two categories:

  • Psychological & social gains
  • Physical gains


Psychological & social gains:

The apparent gain of the weight-loss is that there is a dramatic improvement in a person’s appearance. The inferiority complex caused by obesity starts disappearing. Shyness & tendency to avoid people also begin to vanish & their place is taken by confidence & self-respect. Proportionate to the weight-loss is the gain in morale. In case of some people, their outlook & approach to life change completely.




Generally fat people do not enjoy proper social acceptability. They are often made targets of fun and ridicule. Once the obesity vanishes, they smart acquiring a respectable position in the society.

Physical gains:

Yet another important gain made by losing weight is that a person’s life-expectancy rises to its normal level. This fact is supported by several studies & research conducted by experts from time to time. Shedding excess fat restores a person’s lost health & beauty that had been robbed away. The body becomes light & bubbling with spirit, cheerfulness & enthusiasm. With shedding of excess fat, heart begins to function smoothly & efficiently. Chances of heart attack or coronary thrombosis also decrease. As a result of the weight-loss, the body’s capacity to metabolize sugar also increases & as a result of that, chances of diabetes also decrease.




Infertility of many a woman has been removed as a result of weight-loss & they have able to conceive. However, it must be borne in mind that besides obesity, there are many other factors responsible for infertility. So, weight-loss may not remove infertility in all cases. Defunct menstruation cycle is reactivated following reduction in weight & prospects of conception for a sterile woman brighten up. But reduction in fat yields more satisfaction in married life. It removes men’s compliant of impotency & women’s complaint of frigidity.




As a result of weight-loss, a lot of burden is taken off the joints of the body in general & those of the feet in particular. There is considerable relief in the complaint of pain in the joints. It also removes stiffness of the joints & restores their movements. This facilities a person’s participation in sports & other social activities.




Obesity causes certain undesirable changes in body’s metabolism. They can be avoided by shedding excess fat. Shedding of excess fat reduces perspiration also. This is a very important social gain for a fat person. His/her complexion improves & his/her skin becomes resistant to diseases.


  • In matrimonial matters, a fat girl has little prospects; but with her obesity gone, her prospects improve dramatically.
  • Fat women suffering from degenerative diseases of knee joints are always advised to reduce their weight.



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