Let’s Discuss – Rate of Weight Reduction

Can anyone predict Exact Estimate of Rate of Weight-Reduction????

In how many days will all my excess weight be reduced? In how many days I will get slim?

Human nature is indeed very strange. A person does not care for his/her body for a couple of years and allows fat to store on his/her body. Then suddenly, he/she gets impatient and wants to get rid of that fat within days. He/she immediately takes the Challenge I WILL LOSE IT ANYWAY I WANT TO DO IT ANYHOW!!!!!!!

A person is generally not interested in reducing 4 to 5 kg in a month. He/She wants to achieve a miracle of reducing 8 to 10 kg in a month. One has to understand it’s your body not a game you have to play with.

One should keep in mind that we have to remove only excess fat from our body and protect other useful cells of the body.

In majority of the cases, in the beginning, there is high rate of weight-loss. It slows down afterwards. This is because amount of water and fluids in the body goes down quickly and that’s why it appears that weight is reducing fast. But after 3 or 4 days the rate of weight-reduction decreases.


During the phase of dieting, as carbohydrate intake decreases, the sodium begins to get eliminated from the body. But afterwards when the elimination of sodium decreases, the rate of weight-reduction also decreases. After a certain amount of water is eliminated from the body, the rate of weight-loss becomes extremely slow.

And similarly person get exhausted as even if he/she diets he/she may not gets results afterwards.

Those who reduce their weight quickly generally find that the vitamin and mineral content in their body are fast depleted.


In the initial stage of dieting, those who live a sedentary life are generally advised to eat 800 to 1000 calorie food during the whole day.

Those who are engaged in the manual jobs are advised to take a 1200 to 1500 calorie food.

If a person is overweight by 30% or more, he/she should eat the food with a lesser amount of calories than suggested above.

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Similarly, if a person’s weight is not reducing even after taking the suggested diet, it is obvious that he / she should impose a further cut in his diet.

Many people especially in the youngsters just to get good partner they start reducing weight to look beautiful later they put-on again. Proper weight is a life-time necessity and therefore maintaining the reduced weight is more important than the rate of reducing the weight.


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Undue haste is not advisable in reducing the weight. If a person undertakes too rapid a weight-reduction programme, he/she may get victim of complaints like anemia, uneasiness, weakness, etc.

We must bear in mind that weight has not to be reduced for some immediate or short term gain.
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